Building Strength With Mindfulness

I trained in Pilates with the Pilates Teacher Training Institute in Dublin.
I have a background in Dance and Movement and a particular interest in body awareness through slow concentrated movement.

I have always enjoyed the power of music to help the body feel more grounded and bring us deep into a more meditative state of mind. I like to bring this meditation and physical presence into the Pilates class so that while working on posture and core strength we also get to experience Mindfulness and really being in Your Body.

I like to end the class with a guided relaxation. Relaxation of the muscles is a core principle of Pilates and I feel it’s important to train the body to feel what deeply relaxed muscles feel like. Then we can really isolated muscles and experience them working as we use them while relaxing the rest of our body. In doing so we train the body to let go of unnecessary habitual tension and tap into our underlying strength.

Pilates Course

CBS Primary School, each Wednesday Evening @ 8.00.

Contact Grace Eade for bookings and details.

Phone: 086 375 0217

Email: gracielu87@hotmail.com


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