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Sound Healing


The Sound Baths

The sound baths I like to give incorporate a 30" symphonic gong, Himalayan sound bowls, wind chimes connected to each of the elements, water, fire, earth and air. And I use a shruti box (Indian drone) over which I chant a mantra or pure tones.

Sound healing balances the parasympathetic nervous system, balances blood pressure and brings us into a deep meditative state. The sound acts as a conduit to allow the mind to 'journey' in a dream like state. As we access the higher self or subconscious, we are often presented with solutions to problems we face in our daily lives. We are brought into a space of silence from time to time and that allows the mind to stretch out and feel the full expanse of the universe to which we are connected. The shruti box is a drone, which along with the voice, can access deeply held emotions such as grief or sadness. It is not unusual for tears to surface and the wonderful release of letting go stuck emotions, enabling healing to take place on a cellular and emotional level and to experience being 'held' by the sound.

Sound baths can plug us in to the life force energy of the universe and contact with 'source', whatever your concept of source may be, whether it is God, or nature or the universe. At the end of the sound bath, we chant as a group one or more Kundalini Mantras for healing. This grounds us and prepares us to exit the sacred pace of the sound bath and leave having experienced the power of the group collective. As people sing together, our hearts entrain, or come into unison. This is very healing and helps us feel connected on a soul level to each other and to source.

If you would like to arrange a sound bath session for a group, please contact me.

One to One Sound Healing Treatments

I also give one to one treatments in sound healing with my voice. This is an hour long session lying on a plinth/massage table, covered with a blanket. I use pure tones or mantras alongside deep silence, to bring relaxation and healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It is like a sonic massage, and the sound can be felt physically within the body or the mind can journey in answer to the sound. I use reiki and Angel therapy in addition to the sound healing to bring the client in contact with the source energy of the universe which is basically pure LOVE. From this space, many imbalances can heal.

Wear loose comfortable clothing, bring extra pillows and blankets if desired. It is important to be warm and cosy. Do not consume alcohol or food at least 2 hrs before the sound bath. And do not consume alcohol afterwards as it will negate the healing effects. Come to the sound bath hydrated and drink plenty of water afterwards to aid detox and cleansing.

Just contact me on 086 8177464 to arrange an appointment.

Sound Bath with Gong & Chant

Using Symphonic Gong, bowls, wind chimes, shruti box, voice, chants and medicine songs
Ennis Yoga Studio
Fridays, 7.30 pm (90 mins)
Price - €20 per person

Dates for upcoming sessions

To be announced soon
Booking Essential.
*24 hours notice of cancellation

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One to One Sound Healing Session

Private Appointment by arrangement

€50 per session

Sessions usually are 1 hour.
* 24 hr notice to cancellation

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