What they say about the weekly Yoga class

The atmosphere Clodagh creates it’s one of warmth and positive energy, and I always leave her classes thinking that was just what I needed




I LOVE LOVE your yoga class as I feel I am not under pressure to get into intricate poses but do it to my own ability, especially as I've had knee surgery. I also LOVE the chanting as it brings deep relaxation & meditation




I find Clodagh's classes very mindful and it gives me a chance to catch my breath during my busy week. She is very knowledgeable about her subject and imparts little pearls of wisdom which is great




7 years ago, when I started Kundalini Yoga with Clodagh, I was very stressed person, suffering from migraines and other health issues. After the first few classes I learnt how to properly relax and there was such improvement which kept me coming back for more. My flexibility greatly improved




Kundalini Yoga with Clodagh it’s a perfect blend of movement, breath and meditation integrating mind, body and Soul. It’s a gentle way to balance the stress and anxiety of every day living. I find that uplifts and clarify my mind. Through the practice I discover peace in me




I continued Clodagh's class throughout my pregnancy and she would make sure I was safe and comfortable. I felt energised and refreshed after, and it was lovely to have some time to focus inwards.




Yoga is definitely my tool for life it has been so beneficial for me having fibromyalgia for 18yrs. I feel my stress levels lowered and my energy boosted after it




I just love my weekly yoga class. Gentle exercise to keep me calm and grounded for the week.




On the Wild West Coast of Ireland, Clo Rae’s Classes are a beacon, a lighthouse of strength, constancy and individuality inviting peace and quietude to ones heart and soul.


KY level 1 teacher, Akasha Puran Kaur


And I love gentle, healing voice of Clodagh, which she guides you through the whole process. Also the extra treat, when she blends the meditation with sound bath, playing on different instruments like Tibetan bowls, gong, etc. I love the experience




What they say about the Healing sessions.

I had such a positive experience at Clo s sound healing session. I was feeling particularly stressed and low that day having suffered a recent bereavement. I found it really helped release some bottled up emotions. I came away feeling much lighter, thanks Clo.




during the sound healing session with Cló I experienced the closest feeling I've had to being held in my mothers arms as a child




I found my sound healing journey with Cló Rae to be meditative, etheral and immensely beautiful! Cló Rae is truly gifted!!




I felt deep peace during the sound healing session and fell into a beautiful tranquil sleep. I loved it.