KUNDALINI YOGA has many beautiful Meditations to help us with a variety of life's challenges. We usually do a short meditation at the end of class. This is a great way to learn how to meditate and these short 3 min meditations can be practiced daily for a profound effect on our daily lives.

There are meditations for fear, anxiety, anger and frustration, insomnia, depression, addiction and broken hearts.

There are meditations for abundance, for staying grounded despite your great wealth (!).

There are meditations for loneliness and fear of poverty, negative thinking and denial.

Learning to Meditate is never wasted. We can tap into the greater connection to both ourselves and a higher power if we so believe in one. There are no criteria to meditate. One does not need to believe in a higher power other than themselves! If one does believe in a force greater than themselves (nature, god, universe) it is a great way to tap into that source and find peace, calm and replenishment.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation are simply a technology for greater awareness and require no belief in a particular spirituality or religion.

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